Accommodation on Kolombangara Island - Lodges, Hotels and Guesthouses

Imbu Rano Lodge

At 370m altitude, Imbu Rano Lodge is an ideal base to explore the surrounding rainforest and trek both inside the Crater via the Vila River or to take the ridgeline walk to the crater rim and Mt Veve, the highest peak on Kolombangara Island.
Specially designed for visitors and scientists to access the unlogged highland rainforests, Imbu Rano Lodge features an 18m-long balcony with stunning views of the Vila River valley and Mt Rano, the second highest peak of the Kolombangara Crater Rim.

See more information and visitor comments.Booking: Sharon Vave at KFPL on +677 60 230 24hr service, email or use the online booking form

Onma Lodge - Nusa Tuva Ecolodge

Onma Lodge is a purpose-built leaf-hut lodge perched on the waters' edge at Nusatuva, a small peninsular that forms the southern entrance to Ringgi Cove and is managed as a fully protected marine area. Enjoy views of Kolombangara crater, snorkelling and the hospitality of the friendly family and their great home-cooked meals.

Booking: Onma Lodge mobile on +677 7470 421 (general mobile) or +677 7436 567 (Rinda Suhato)

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Ringgi Guesthouse

Located at Ringgi township, Ringgi Guesthouse offers three air-conditioned twin rooms, linen/towels and shared dining room, kitchen and amenities. Use as a base for studying the unique birds in the area, learn more about the plantation company activities or relax after your mountains walks.

The guesthouse has town power and water, shops for basic supplies, mobile reception and the option of full catering.

Ringgi Guesthouse is owned and managed by KFPL.

Booking: Tim Bula at KFPL on +677 60 230 24hr service (ext. 102 bh or 136 ah), mob +677 740 0544, email or use the online booking form

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Hambere Village Stay

Experience village life at Hambere on the western side of Kolombangara Island. Venti and Nedy are your friendly hosts who offer activities ranging from canoe trips, dolphin viewing and a close-up look at traditional village life at Hambere. This is also an ideal place to begin your trek to Mt Rano, a peak on Kolombangara volcano crater rim with impressive views across western province.

Bookings: Venti or Nedy Maena on mob +677 746 5861.

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Nughusu Vell'Rua Homestay

A newly launched lodge on the northern side of Kolombangara, just past Poitete, that features two upstairs bedrooms and a large dining and lounge area. Visitors can experience a local village, friendly family service and home-cooked meals featuring traditional locally grown foods founds on Kolombangara.

Contact KIBCA for bookings or phone +677 7465 633.

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