KIBCA educational scholarships

Kolombangara scholarship receipients visit the KIBCA office
Ringgi High School receives scholarships from KIBCA Coordinator, while scholarship students look on.

KIBCA offers a yearly educational scholarship program for Indigenous Kolombangara parents to support their child's education.

The scholarship program began in 2009, when it was run by KFPL and funded by SICCP. Since 2010, it has been run by KIBCA.

The scholarships are offered to Kolombangara landholders as an alternative to logging and supports a conservation agreement in place on the island. The conservation agreement supported by all landowners on Kolombangara Island confirms that there will be no logging above 400m altitude, effectively securing the protection of the 20,000 ha conservation area. The reason this is so important is that this is the largest of only several places in the Solomon Islands where logging is not permitted.

Funds are provided by a mix of private donors via 4nature, KFPL and SICCP. KFPL provides $10,000 SBD each year while over 40 individal donors from Australia and the United Kingdom have supported the program since 2010.

For the 2014 program, $138,000 SBD was raised for 126 scholarships. The 2013 program raised $100,000 SBD  for 120 scholarships.

Please help the scholarship program 

We are now seeking scholarships for the 2015 program. Please contact KIBCA if you would like to support this critical work that gives the island's next generation a strong future based on conservation, not logging. If you are based in Australia, contact our Australian charitable fundraising partner 4nature by email.

Download the one-page pdf poster for the 2013 program below for more information.



I would like to express my appreciation regarding the scholarship sponsorship scheme undertaken by KIBCA. Basically, it lightens responsibility laid on parents in terms of school fees.

Furthermore, this scheme boost the education opportunity for indigenous students in the island to further their education affiliation or ambitions.

Lastly, it won't be regretful in future that Kolombangara Island would have many qualified scholars that would contribute to the development of the island and nation as a whole.

I also agree with you @Charlie. These kind of free education grants boost the moral of a student. This Island will become a land of gold very soon. I hope you have already achieved more than of  the target of funding $15,000 SBD in 2012.

Making donations to help others is always a good act worth appreciating. But their education scholarship grant is a far bettter act that is more than worth appreciating. Their noble deed does not only send kids to school but help save mother earth as well. I salute the people behind this brilliant idea as well as the people who supported it!

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