KIBCA Office Bearers, Executive Committee and Trustees

Office Bearers
Chairman                             Mr. Donald Saepio              – Zone 6 rep.
Vice Chairman                     Mr. Jack Piziki                      – Zone 5 rep.
Secretary                            Mr. Adrian Ngele                 – Zone 3 rep.
Treasurer                            Mrs. Olimpia Manelegu       – Women rep. North Kolombangara

General Committee Members                                    
Ms Vido Stephen                 – Zone 1 rep.
Mr. Leto Palmer                   – Zone 2 rep.
Mr. Ghemuvaghi Mada         – Zone 4 rep.
Mr. Lembu Mulebai              – Zone 7 rep.
Mr. Chester Jimmy               – Zone 8 rep.
Mr. Jefferson Pada              – Zone 9 rep.
Mr. Allan Solomon               – Zone 10 rep.
Mr. Lionel Roger                  – Youth rep.
Mrs. Nuatali Veni                 –Women rep. South Kolombangara
Mrs. Minnie Frank               – Women rep. West Kolombangara                                             
Elected at KIBCA AGM 22 June 2009, with vacancy for Zone 1 and 7 reps elected at AGM 22 Dec 2010. All positions are for a five year term, their terms expiring June 2014.

KIBCA Trustees
Nason Rerese
Frank Lave
David Bulehite
Rence Ita
Vaeno Vigulu
Wilson Vivili
Henley Kabolo
There are a maximum of seven trustees.  Seven trustees were originally appointed at the KIBCA AGM 22 June 2009. This included Stewart Evo who subsequently passed away. His vacancy was filled by Henley Kabolo at the AGM in Dec 2010
Current at 9 February 2011