Onma Lodge - Nusatuva Ecolodge

The views from Nusatuva Island. The magnificent Kolombangara volcano and forests within easy reach.
A group shares a banquet meal made from local ingredients
Nusatuva is renown for its freshly cooked local food
One of the dishes

Onma Lodge is a purpose-built leaf-hut lodge perched on the waters' edge at Nusatuva, a small peninsular that forms the southern entrance to Ringgi Cove, on the south east of Kolombangara Island.

Enjoy being looked after by Eric Koti and his family.

Eric's family have designated the surrounding waters as a marine sanctuary, protecting them from fishing, as part of the WWF Coral Triangle Program. This is a remarkable story of battling the odds, especially after the 2007 tsumani destroyed many of their buildings. You can also learn about the sustainable income generating activities such as coral and sponge farming run by the Nusatuva families.

Snorkel the shore-fringing coral or just sit on the elevated deck overlooking a large lagoon and watch time float by. A great base to reach Ringgi or Imbu Rano Lodge and its walking tracks. Boat transfers from Gizo, Munda or Noro or to Ringgi Cove can be arranged.

Linen and mozzie nets provided. Supurb home-cooked meals available.

Meals only: If you would like to visit for only a meal and to stay elsewhere, book your meal with Onma Lodge, Nusatuva at least the day before your arrival. You will be treated to lovely well-presented food served by charming and pleasant hosts. At night, you may even be asked to join the locals with some traditional dancing. Colourful dresses are provided for the ladies.

Make a comment: If you have stayed at Onma Lodge Nusatuva or have had a meal there, we would love to hear about your experience. Add you comments at the end of this page.

More information: Download the information sheet and price list at the bottom of this page.

Booking: Onma Lodge mobile on +677 7470 421 (general mobile) or +677 7436 567 (Rinda Suhato)

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Make sure you are hungry when you go to Nusatuva. You will be given a delicious array of foods by the Koti family. Everything they cook is locally sourced from their own gardens.

There is no menu they just feed you very well. When we have been as a group they've put on music after dinner and got us all up dancing!


Just a note to say what wonderful hosts and a wonderful experience visiting Onma Lodge has been in fact my husband and I went three times in two weeks.
The food, the setting and the hosts could not be better the snorkelling, (which we did before eating the most amazing vegetarian food), was fantastic an huge array of fish and corals within meters of the lodge.
We did not staythere because we were staying nearby but would thoroughly recommend that people do...
thank you Rinda, Eric and co.!
Sarah March 2011

Turns out Eric and I share some old friends from a long time ago. Be that as it may, he is a great guy and he and his family will do their best to help you have an interesting visit.  The dock is very sheltered and the lagoon rich in corals.  This is a quiet place, but it is worth your while for a few days.  You might ask Eric to recount some stories of his days as a crocodile hunter years ago.  I would bet that he can show you a few as they are making quite a come back now that hunting them is banned.
P.S. You might imagine there would be mosquitoes at this place.  Strangely, not one mosquito  over two nights with no mosquito net and no repellant.

The accommodation details included in the KIBCA website is helpful and thanks to the Management of this site. Some of my organizations team are planning to make field visits and this site is helpful make bookings to the lodges. Keep on improving and I believe Kolombangara has the potential to grow in business with its rich resources. 

Wonderful Place to stay
My wife,  I and our two daughters had the most wonderful 3 day stay here in July 2012.   Eric and his family are the most incredibly hosts.  Great place to relax, do a bit of snorkelling, canoeing and enjoy amazing meals.  The conservation measures in the marine protected area are most impressive.

Thanks to Eric for sharing her experience in the Onma Lodge! I think this is an affordable lodging facility for a family! Thanks for sharing the contact numbers so that people can enquire the availability of rooms directly!


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