Pricing for Kolombangara Treks and Accommodation

The following charges apply to stays of international visitors to Imbu Rano Lodge, Ringgi Guest House and visits to the 400m conservation zone (all prices in Solomon Dollars). Payment is by cash only. Please discuss with us well in advance if you cannot pay by cash.

Day visit (no accommodation or camping)

Per person: $100.

Imbu Rano Lodge

Per person: $400 per night. Rate includes daily management fee. Ask about discounts for more than four people. $4,000 per night for exclusive use of lodge


Ringgi Guesthouse

Single: $400 per night. Twin/double: $500 per night.

Meals: $18 breakfast, $24 lunch and $36 dinner.


Per person: $180 per night.

Land transfer from Ringgi Cove or Ringgi to Imbu Rano Lodge

$200 each trip per vehicle. One vehicle usually carries up to five people and gear.

Guides and porters

Tour guides cost $150 per day per guide or porter except for guides and porters to Mt Veve which cost $200 per day. For off-track or unusal and demanding routes, there may be additional costs. Guides and porters provide their own food (check on arrival that this is aranged). At least one guide per party of five is required.

Friends of KIBCA

Support the conservation work of KIBCA and assist it acheive financial independence. Friends of KIBCA costs $1,000 per family per year. Additional donations welcome to support KIBCA's conservation area.

Pricing Structure

Prices include a $100 per person per day conservation area Kustom and management fee. This funds long-term management of the conservation area and supports other KIBCA conservation activities. It is payable by international visitors entering the conservation area unless you joined Friends of KIBCA ($1,000 per year). Solomon Island citizens visit and camp for free but must still pay for any accommodation.

Factors considered in our pricing are the standard of accommmodation, ongoing management, security and maintenance costs, market expectations and the desire to encourage local people to freely access their traditional lands and renew their customs and stories.

Prices of accommodation and meals for RInggi are determined by the provider and are independently determined.

Let us know what you think about our prices.

Last updated Nov 2017.