Pricing for Kolombangara Treks and Accommodation

The following charges apply for stays at Ringgi, Imbu Rano Lodge, Onma Lodge and visits to the 400m conservation zone (all prices in Solomon Dollars). Payment can be either by cash, credit card (Visa, MasterCard and JCB) or bank transfer. Please discuss with us in advance if you are not paying by cash.

Ringgi Guesthouse

$400 per night for a single, $500 for two for a shared room.

Meals: $18 breakfast, $24 lunch and $36 dinner.

Imbu Rano Lodge

$300 per person, or $4,000 for exclusive use of lodge. Rate excludes daily management fee. Ask about discounts for more than four people.


Onma Lodge

$120 per person per night in traditional communal long house, $200 per night for a single room in the Lodge (children 12 and under $80 per night), $300 per night for a private, two room hut with two single beds per room, $400 for a Private two room family hut with one double and two singles. See detailed pricing list on Onma Lodge page. Enquire about use for functions.

Meals: $60 breakfast, $80 lunch and $100 dinner. Children 12 years and under half price.

Transfer to Ringgi Cove by boat: $80 per trip.

Nughusu Vell'Rua Homestay

$50 per bed or $150 for double room. Enquire about use for functions.

Meal prices on request.

Management fee - Entering conservation zone (visiting Imbu Rano Lodge and walking into 400m conservation zone):

$100 per person per day for International visitors. Solomon Island nationals are free. Friends of KIBCA ($1,000 per year) get free entry. Almost all areas are part of the conservation zone.

Transfer from Ringgi Cove or Ringgi to Imbu Rano Lodge

$200 each trip per vehicle. One vehicle usually carries four or five people and gear.

Guides and porters

Imbu Rano to Mt Veve @ SDB $200/day

Imbu Rano to Mt Tapalameggutu @ SDB $200/day

Imbu Rano Crater @ SDB $200/day

Imbu Rano to Patu Kolo and Miles Falls @ SDB $100/day

Minimum one guide required.

Tour guides otherwise cost $200 per guide per person and porters $150 per porter per person. This may be negotiated subject to the experience of the guide and porter and the terrain and distance covered.

You provide meals for guides or else pay extra $30 per guide/porter per day.

Camping and hut fees

Camping is free, but camping is only permitted at designated cleared sites. KIBCA can discuss suitable sites. 

KIBCA huts: Rokhana Hut and Patu Kolo Hut $80 per person per night (or $10 per party for unwaged Islanders). Kongu Rano Shelter $40 per person per night for International visitors.

Remember that there is an additional management fee per day (see above) for walking in the conservation area. Almost all areas are part of the conservation zone.

Friends of KIBCA

Support the conservation work of KIBCA and assist it acheive financial independence. Friends of KIBCA costs $1,000 per family per year. Additional donations welcome to support KIBCA's conservation area.

Pricing Structure

Pricing for conservation area Kustom and management fees and KIBCA huts have been determined to recoup long-term costs, support local employment and to assist KIBCA secure a reliable income stream to continue its conservation work. Factors considered in pricing are the ability of visitors to pay, current market expectations and the desire to encourage local people to freely access their traditional lands and renew their customs and stories.

Prices of accommodation and meals are determined by each provider and are independently determined.

Let us know what you think about our prices and if we can make any improvements or changes.