Tetepare Descendents Association

KIBCA strongly supports the work of Tetepare Descendants Association (TDA) that manages nearby Tetepare Island.
As the sister organisation of TDA, KIBCA shares with TDA many similarities.
A number of descendants of Tetepare Island also share ancestry with people from Kolombangara Island. As a result, there has been close collaboration between those with experience in establishing and running TDA and those helping to establish KIBCA. As a result, the KIBCA constitution was modelled on TDA's.
KIBCA and TDA believe that the visitors to each island are interested in supporting the conservation efforts of the landholders. While the activities that visitors can undertake on each island may be different, they all contribute to long-term benefits for each island's forests and marine environments and the livelihoods of the local people. Those visitors passing through Munda will find it easy to visit both Kolombangara Island and Tetepare Island for a well-rounded Solomon Islands environmental tourism experience.
If you are coming to stay at Kolombangara Island, make sure you organise your visit to nearby Tetepare Island at the same time.
Visit the Tetepare Descendants Association website