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KIBCA, or Kolombangara Island Biodiversity Conservation Association, was formed by the Indigenous landholders of Kolombangara Island to represents their interests in conservation.

KIBCA was formed on 10 December 2008 at a meeting of leaders, elders and chiefs of Kolombangara villages, communities and tribes. KIBCA was registered on May 2009 under the Charitable Trust Act as a non-government or community-based organisation. KIBCA's office is at Ringgi, Kolombangara Island.

KIBCA’S overall objective is to protect Kolombangara Islands’ rich marine and forest biodiversity and to educate, promote and encourage sustainable management of natural resources through viable economic and social ventures for our communities.

KIBCA manages the area of Kolombangara above 400m above sea level as a 19,400 ha conservation reserve.

KIBCA media releases - media releases issued by KIBCA

KIBCA news - regular updates about KIBCA's work, published as KIBCA News

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Partners - organisations and individuals that KIBCA works closely with

Executive committee and trustees - full list of people elected to the governing body of KIBCA

Staff and office - details of the staff managing KIBCA and its Ringgi office

Vision and goals - the five-year plan that guide's KIBCA's work


Watch the interview with KIBCA Coordinator, Ferguson Vaghi, about KIBCA's work, its challenges and balancing logging and other ways of generating income for islander livelihoods.



I've been following this page for almost four months but there is no any updates on the website, please those who are responsible do update the site with latest news and so forth. I suggest you can also improve the website to be more marketable since tourist out there upon reading about the Island will surely flood their way in. Long Live Kolei Island

Updates from the November KIBCA newsletter are now on the website. We'll try and put up new stories every few months.

Great work KIBCA. Your approach shows vision to assist indigenous peoples on Kolombangara to realize a sustainable future. I hope other islands in the Solomon Islands can capture the same vision. 


A friend and I are interested in doing an overnight walk. We would like to arrive Tuesday, 16 July and leave early on Thursday, 18 July 2013 (in about two weeks).

Are there any routes we can do to either the Crater Rim or Crater Centre in that time?

Also, general questions:

  • What footwear would you recommend?
  • Will we need hiking sticks?
  • Are the tracks well developed, or is it 'bush' walking?
  • How do we organise transfers from Gizo to Kolombangara (Tues morning), and from Kolombangara to Munda (Thurs morning - flight leaves around 10:10am).
  • Is there somewhere secure we can store non-hiking bags overnight?
  • What other hiking/camping equipment should we bring?

Thank you,


I would like to suggest one thing regarding update of the organisation. Can we have monthly update on the project so that we can be updated from here..pliz produce monthly update...leana hola.....


<p>A gem of a natural attraction! I enjoyed the very rugged loop hike.&nbsp; However with out Tazo&#39;s guidance I would have gotten lost on the river and long downhill part of the loop. If you do the loop, go down the long part of the loop to the river, and back on the short trail near the lodge (not the other way around).&nbsp; I don&#39;t think I would recommend the loop to normal people (lots of very steep rooty sections that are too overgrown). Instead, go to the river and to Myer&#39;s Falls as one round trip trek and hike the upper trail indefinately for birding, camping, and trekking. Anyway, it was a beautiful forest, and well worth the effort to get there.&nbsp; Lots of endemic birds and frogs (again hang out with Tazo for links to nature). The lodge is clean and comfy, but bring your own food or arrange ahead of time to have food made. Cold shower was great after the hot hike and the river is lovely for a cooling dip, too.&nbsp; Dusti Becker - 29 Nov 2015</p>

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